Tirana Art Lab Presents:

Exhibition Opening

Opening: Friday, 6 May, at 7 p.m
Opening dates: 6 May- 20 May, from 11 a.m – 7 p.m
Place: Qendra Sociale, Str. Hoxha Tahsin, Nr 187/1, (50 meters behind Optika Roma)

A project realized with the participation and the support of:

Klara Schilliger & Valerian Maly, Sead Kazanxhiu, Armando Qoshku, Ernard Dyli, Sembie Gishto, Alketa Ramaj, Nikolin Bujari, Denis Golgota, Ilda Ibro, Myslym Demetja, Darsel Demetja, Matilda Odobashi, Marvina Çela, Ermal Merdani, Abedin Kadhaj, Katiusha Kadhaj, Flavio Qarrt, Sokol Qafleshi, Arber Zaimi, Leart Kola, Stivi Kola, Pezana Rexha, Endri Dani, Ilir Kaso, Adela Demtja, Erilda Selaj, Ema Andrea, Romina Ruda, Rozi Malo, Amos Zaharia, Enio Hajro, Olson Lamaj, Aklervi Kadhaij

Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art is happy to present the project “Monument Ginger Society Tirana” conceived from Klara Schiller and Valerian Maly, the first artists in Residency Program. The Swiss artists who work and live together, realized their project during April and May in collaboration with a big group of participants from Tirana.
The project “Monument Ginger Society Tirana“ consisted in building a non-hierarchical monumental sculpture. Conceived as a participative project, the artists asked different persons to contribute in building the sculpture. The building process was a reason to bring people together and to crate space for discussion and exchange between the participants.

Whenever monuments and sculptures of heroes, political figures or religious buildings are being constructed, principally they help in building or reinforcing specific hierarchical structures. By building a monumental sculpture with the shape of the oversized Ginger, made with cheap materials like wood and newspapers, the process of monumentalization is being presented into an ironical way.

Ginger as a structure for the sculpture is not a coincidental choice for the artists. In the field of botanic, Ginger is knows as a rhizome plant that grows under the earth in a non-structured way. In philosophy Rhizome is a philosophical concept developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, where they take as an example the botanic rhizome in this case the Ginger as a metaphor for a 100% non-hierarchical model.

The building process of the Ginger Monument took place during the four weeks at Qendra Sociale in Tirana. Many students of the Art Academy, students of other universities, artists, activist of the civil society, ect., joined the artists during this period and became part of the working group.

Qendra Sociale is founded with the purpose to crate a space for meetings, discussions and exchange, from this point of view it was the write place to build the sculpture and to establishes an exchange platform for the participants.

“Monument Ginger Society Tirana“, will be presented in the final form starting from the 6th of May at Qendra Sociale.

Information about Klara Schilliger & Valelrian Maly http://www.malyschilliger.ch/

This Project is financially supported by: Prohelvetia http://www.prohelvetia.ch/

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