Presentation of the film-making workshop in Athens “Who is afraid of the Big Bad Crises?”

Tirana Art Lab and Balkans Beyond Borders are happy to invite you on June 21st, 8 pm in 6 D.O.G.S.(Avramiotou 6-8) in Athens to the presentation of short films which are the results of the 7 days workshop that took place in Athens from the 15th to the 21st of June with the topic “Who is afraid of the Big Bad Crises?”.

The workshop is the third of a series of three weekly workshops that have taken place in Skopje (March 2011) and Tirana (May 2011) with the aim of bringing together young film makers from the Balkan region to work and reflect on the problem of ‘crisis’ in all its aspects by developing short films.

The screening of the films that resulted from the three workshops is taking place in the context of the “Balkans Beyond Borders” short film festival, Athens edition, 20-22 June 2011

The workshop participants in Athens are: Zeynep Firuze Karaoglu (Thessaloniki), Alketa Ramaj (Tirane), Dominik Dusek (Hradec Kralove – Luxembourg), Odeta Cunaj (Tirane), Lucas Oldwine (Athens), Igor Bezinovic (Rijeka-Zagreb), Gjorgje Jovanovic (Skopje), Theodora Malliarou (Athens), Vicky Christaki (Athens)

The facilitators of the workshop are Efii & Amir.

Bio Effi and Amir:
Amir Borenstein (b. 1969, Haifa) and Effi Weiss (b.1971, Ramat-Gan)
started working and living together in 1998. Living in Brussels. They graduated in 1999 at the Bezazel Academy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem, and in 2002 continued with their education at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. They are active in video making and giving various video workshops to different target groups.

This project is organized from Tirana Art Lab – Centre for Contemporary Art in collaboration with Line I+M from Skopje and Balkans Beyond Borders from Athens.

The project is financially supported by the European Cultural Foundation.

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