Residency Program

In the Program and in the aim of Tirana Art Lab Centre for Contemporary Art, is the creation and development of the International Residency Program.

We are interested to invite artist, curators, and theorist from different countries who are active in different fields, to visit and spend some time in Albania. The residency Program is part of the long-term project “Meet the region” of the centre.

Artists and experts are not only invited in the residency to crate specific projects, but mostly with the aim to present their working practice and meet with artist and other experts from Albania.
In this way we want to make possible the creation of a network between Albania and other countries. The project aims to make Albanian art and artist visible for the invited guests and on the other side gives the possibility to the international experts to get in touch with new artist and the art scene in Albania.

The residency duration is not limited in a specific period of time. The program and the duration of the residency depend from the proposed project.

Application for the residency are now possible for the moment as a result of the restrict budget of the centre. Until now the residency is being developed with project related funding.

We are looking for partners and donors who can support our program and help us to establish the program.

This year’s residency program is made possible by the support of the Prohelvetia in the framework of the Grant program Swiss-Balkan Exchange.
Artist in Residency for 2011:

April-May 2011
Klara Schilliger & Valerian Maly
Project: Monument Ginger Society Tirana
Workshop + Platform: 11.04 – 06.05 2011
Exhibition opening: 06.05.2011

May-June 2011:
Haus am Gern
Barbara Meyer Cesta & Rudolf Steiner
Project: PIPIFAX for TIRANA (PfT)
Workshop: 13.05 – 02.06
Exhibition opening : 03.06.2011


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